4 Simple Plant-Based Swaps

4 Simple Plant-Based Swaps

Did you know that the foods you eat can not only impact your health, but additionally impact climate change at varying levels? Research shows that a plant-based diet can lower your greenhouse gas emissions. This is a result of land-use conversion, methane produced from livestock production and runoff from chemical fertilizers associated with meat production and conventional agricultural practices. Through our food choices we can not only improve our health, but the health of Mother Earth as well. That is why we're offering 4 swaps you can make today to eat more plant-based. Also reminder - plant-based just means eating more plant products than you do animal. We are always proponents of progress over perfection and listening to what your bodies needs. 

1. Use nutritional yeast in recipes in place of cheese

Nutritional yeast is not a direct substitute for cheese, but it has a cheese-y flavor, so it can be used in recipes to swap out cheese. Some of our favorites uses: sprinkling on salads, or combining with cashews, water, and spices to make "cashew cheese" dips and spread (check our cheese dip and cheese-y broccoli casserole for inspo) 

2. Swap in nut milk or oat milk for cow's milk

All you need to make nut milk is water, nuts of choice, and a blender! It's so simple and you can make it the flavor and consistency of your preference. Oats have a creamier flavor and can be more economical! Shop organic, locally sourced almonds, walnuts, cashews, or oats to make your milk. 

3. Swap in date syrup for honey

Date syrup is a perfect swap for honey in baking and sweetening oatmeal or warm drinks. The flavor is amazing.

4. Swap in plant-based protein for animal protein

Try these foods that are packed with protein to swap in for animal-based proteins.

Quinoa is a great option that can be incorporated at breakfast lunch or dinner and delivers your body a complete protein (a protein that contains 9 of the essential amino acids)!

Hemp hearts are also a complete protein, easily digested by the body and a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. They can be added to smoothies, salads, or made into a milk!

Try out a flaxseed egg (or chia egg) to substitute for regular eggs in baking.

 Other sources of plant-based proteins: Chickpeas, beans, nuts & seeds, or almond butter.


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