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"Sun and Swell Foods are not only clean for the body...they’re clean for the environment too."


"Sun and Swell’s carbon-neutral mail-order service is a sustainable way to keep your pantry stocked."


“If you buy a bag of almonds from the grocery store, you might not know where they came from or when they left the farm," said Flynn. “With us, it goes from the farm to the warehouse to you. We’re trying to connect people to their food sources a little bit more.”


"Sun and Swell’s commitment to sustainability and social welfare seeps into every aspect of the company, from its ingredient sourcing to its packaging." 


 "We love how Sun & Swell is truly living out their values and being intentional with ingredient sourcing, environmental sustainability, and philanthropy."


"Flynn likened Sun & Swell’s certification to a set of guardrails helping to guide the business in all its decision-making. As an example, she noted the suppliers for their organic ingredients. Sun & Swell sources its dates from local farmers; though they have received countless inquiries from other sellers offering similar ingredients at lower prices, they have stuck with the supplier they have, strengthening the bond between the two." 


 "Sun & Swell Foods' clean, whole food-based products are housed in a pouch that is fully compostable and decomposes after just 180 days, while plastic bags can take anywhere from 10 to 1,000 years to decompose."


Founder and CEO, Kate Flynn, shares her experience as she pioneers the compostable packaging journey. Highlighting her dedication to running a responsible business, B Corporation and 1% for the Planet and her progress while facing the complexities that compostable packaging brings.



Sun & Swell was identified and selected as a perfect gift for someone who cares about self-care and is inspired by wellness.



“Feel-good ingredients. Ethical snacking. Sun & Swell Foods has crisps made from cashews, sweet potato and flax, and cookies from dates, cashews, oats and cacao.”


"These organic snacks are gluten, soy, and dairy-free with no added sugar or preservatives meaning you can indulge without the guilt."