Our Packaging

At Sun & Swell, our stance on packaging is clear. While we'd prefer a world without it, we recognize the necessity of packaging in today's world. To combat climate change and reduce single-use plastics, we've embraced compostable packaging as a solution.

Today, we take pride in our achievement – every product available on our website is packaged in 100% compostable materials. We are pioneering the shift away from single-use packaging in the food industry and look forward to inspiring other brands to follow our lead. Join us in our mission towards a greener, more sustainable future.

Our Compostable Bag Send-Back Program

We are thrilled to offer an easy way to ensure Sun & Swell compostable bags end up in the compost where they belong. With our compostable bag Send-Back program, you can send your used Sun & Swell bags back to us so we can properly compost them for you.

  • Industrial Compost

    Our bags will decompose within 180 days in an industrial compost setting.
    To find an industrial compost facility, go towww.findacomposter.com.

    Make sure to call the composting facility in advance to see if they accept packaging like ours, as some compost facilities only accept food scraps / select other materials.

  • Home Compost

    While our packaging will break down in a home compost, it is not home compostable certified, and therefor we cannot guarantee a timeline as everyone’s home compost has varying degrees of humidity, heat, and presence of bacteria/microorganisms. 

    Thus, we encourage you to use our Send-Back Program or compost in an industrial facility.