Our Packaging

To be honest, we aren't huge fans of packaging here at Sun & Swell Foods.

In fact, if we had it our way, there would be no packaging at all.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where packaging is a necessity and we believe that in order to effectively slow the rate of climate change, we need to help slow the rate at which consumers are using single use plastics. We believe compostable packaging is the solution.

Today, we're proud to say that 100% of products sold on our website come in compostable packaging. We're a pioneer in the food industry when it comes to moving away from single-use packaging, and we are hopeful to soon see other brands follow our lead.

Below you'll find more details on our packaging, and how to compost it.

Please note that if you buy our products off our website (in retail stores or Amazon), we do have a handful of products that have not yet transitioned to compostable packaging (learn why here). We hope to have those products transitioned to compostable by the end of this year.

Sun & Swell Compostable Bag Send-Back Program

We are thrilled to offer an easy way to ensure Sun & Swell compostable bags end up in the compost where they belong. With our compostable bag Send-Back program, you can send your used Sun & Swell bags back to us so we can properly compost them for you.


Add our Compostable Bag Return Mailer to your cart when you're checking out. When you add this option to your cart, we will send you a prepaid return envelope in your order which holds up to ~40 used Sun & Swell bags. Once you've filled your envelope with bags, simply stick it in the mail (USPS) to send back to us, and we will properly compost the bags for you!


Scroll down to the 'Additional Composting Options' section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Composting Options

Industrial Compost

Our bags will decompose within 180 days in an industrial compost setting.
To find an industrial compost facility, go to www.findacomposter.com.

Make sure to call the composting facility in advance to see if they accept packaging like ours, as some compost facilities only accept food scraps / select other materials.

Home Compost

Our packaging is approved and tested by our packaging suppliers for home composting, however, it is not home compostable certified, and we cannot guarantee a timeline as everyone’s home compost has varying degrees of humidity, heat, and presence of bacteria/microorganisms. 

Thus, we encourage you to use our Send-Back Program or compost in an industrial facility.