We are on a mission to help the world snack responsibly. To us, snacking responsibly means considering the impact our snacks have, not just on our health, but on the health of the environment around us.

We are actively exploring ways to challenge the industry standard of single-use plastic packaging. To-date, we are proud to have introduced compostable and recyclable #2 packaging options (learn more below!)

While we are committed to being on the forefront of the sustainable packaging revolution, we are navigating uncharted waters and are constantly facing new challenges. Our founder, Kate, shared a bit about the complexities of being one of the first US companies to offer compostable packaging.

Our goal is to make the most responsible choices possible, without sacrificing the quality of our snacks, and remaining transparent with the challenges along the way.

a guide to our packaging

Compostable packaging:

If you have a compostable bag, it will have a compostable icon on the front (see below).  This packaging is guaranteed to break down in an industrial compost facility within 180 days. Our packaging will also decompose in home compost, however, we cannot guarantee a timeline as everyone’s home compost has varying degrees of humidity, heat, and presence of bacteria/microorganisms.  Check out our FAQs here if interested in learning more.

Recyclable #2 packaging:

If you have a Recyclable #2 bag, it will have an Earth icon on the back (see below). Recyclable #2 is one of the most widely accepted plastics for recycling, however, #2 plastic bags and film packaging (such as our snack packaging!) are currently not curbside recyclable. Luckily, many retail stores, municipal recycling centers and private recyclers in the United States DO accept plastic bags and film packaging. Find your nearest drop off location here.