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Dish Soap Bundle

Dish Soap Bundle

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Participate in one of our top eco-friendly swaps by switching to solid dish soap. Crafted from natural ingredients, it effortlessly banishes grease and food residues, leaving no toxic chemicals or overpowering artificial scents in its wake.

Say goodbye to plastic packaging as this sustainable alternative surpasses traditional liquid dish soap. Each 4oz soap bar boasts a month-long lifespan, ensuring long-lasting sustainability.

This bundle features:

- Dish soap block (4oz)

- Foaming dish brush

- Dish to keep your soap dry and extend longevity

About Simpl Bars: 

Simpl Bars is a women-owned business based in Santa Barbara, California. All of their products are handcrafted in small batches from all natural ingredients. They strive to provide sustainable solutions that nourish your hair while minimizing toxin exposure and environmental impact. 

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