Healthy for you.
Healthy for the planet.

Organic, plant-based snacks and pantry-staples.  Packaged in compostable packaging and shipped right to your door.

Naturally delicious foods that leave your body and the planet happy.

Naturally Delicious Snacks and Pantry Staples

We source only the freshest, highest quality, organic real food ingredients - you can taste the difference! Made in small batches in California and delivered right to your door.

Farm-Fresh, Real Food Ingredients

Always Organic, Gluten-Free, and Vegan. Sourced from US family farms when possible for maximum freshness!

Sustainable Packaging and Shipping

The majority of our products are sold in 100% compostable packaging. We ship plastic-free and carbon neutral.

Over 1,200 5-Star Reviews

"I highly recommended, Sun and Swell Foods, their mission for health, wellness, and locally harvesting and for being conscious of their packaging. Their package is compostable! 1000x grateful for small businesses doing good for Mother Earth, especially during a pandemic, still holding true to their mission."

Heather K.

"I ordered several items and was very impressed...I was hooked with the compostable packaging, but the products themselves are also very high quality and affordable"

Victoria E.

"Good simple ingredients ORGANIC, no additional weird ingredients. Love the product and what it stands for!!"

Mayra R.

Shop Best-Selling Bundles & Save

Nuts Bundle

Organic Nuts Bundle (Save $10)

 $62.50 / $52.50

What's Inside:

  • FREE Shipping
  • FREE Compostable Bag Return Mailer
  • Organic Almonds (1 lb)
  • Organic Cashews (1 lb)
  • Organic Walnuts (13 oz)
  • Organic Pecans (1 lb)

Dried Fruit

Organic Dried Fruit Bundle (Save $10)

 $66.00 / $56.00

What's Inside:

  • FREE Shipping
  • FREE Compostable Bag Return Mailer
  • Organic Dates (1 lb)
  • Organic Mangos (8 oz)
  • Organic Peaches (8 oz)
  • Organic Pineapple Rings (8 oz)
  • Organic Persimmons (Hichiya) (5 oz)

Organic Kitchen Essentials Bundle

Kitchen Essentials Bundle (Save $10)

 $54.00 / $44.00

What's Inside:

  • FREE Shipping
  • FREE Compostable Bag Return Mailer
  • Organic Gluten Free Rolled Oats (14 oz)
  • Organic Almond Butter (14 oz)
  • Organic Brown Basmati & Wild Rice (1 b)
  • Organic Coconut Sugar (1 lb)
  • Organic Coconut Oil (14 oz)

Save 20% when you buy the Plastic-Free Pantry Starter Pack

Stock your pantry and save! Get the Plastic-Free Pantry Pack and save 20%.

This set includes all 3 bundles above, 15 items total:

  • FREE Shipping
  • FREE Compostable Bag Return Mailer
  • Organic Nuts Bundle (OG Almonds, OG Cashews, OG Walnuts, OG Pecans)
  • Organic Fruit Bundle (OG Dates, OG Mangos, OG Peaches, OG Pineapple Rings, OG Persimmons)
  • Organic Kitchen Essentials Bundle (OG Rolled Oats, OG Almond Butter, OG Brown Basmati & Wild Rice Mix, OG Coconut Sugar, OG Coconut Oil)

 $162.50 / $130

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Compostable Packaging that leaves Mother Earth Happy

We're proud to be the first company that offers a complete line of pantry staples and snacks in 100% compostable packaging. When composted properly*, our bags will turn back into soil within months. Send your bags back to us with our compostable bag return program, and we'll do the composting for you!

Today, over 75% of the products we sell are in compostable packaging, and we're adding more everyday.

*To learn more about how to compost our bags, click here.


Organic Ingredients Sourced from Family Farms

We source directly from farms when possible, shortening the length of time it takes for food to go from farm to your kitchen. This allows us to offer you food that is fresher, healthier, and free from added preservatives, sugars, and other chemicals.

Today, over 60% of our organic products and ingredients are sourced directly from family farms in the United States, and that number is growing everyday.

The farmer pictured here is based in Gilroy, CA and grows many of the delicious dried foods we offer.


About Us

Sun & Swell is Certified B-Corporation committed to bringing better food to the world. Our goal, above all, is to make it easier for you to eat delicious, healthy, sustainable foods that make both your body and the planet happy. We source our ingredients directly from family farms when possible, and lovingly make our snacks in small batches in Ventura, California. We work hard to ensure all the food we deliver to you upholds our values of freshness, health, and sustainability.