How to remove the label from a glass jar

How to easily remove labels from glass jars

If you have to resist the urge to hold on to every glass jar or bottle you come in contact with, we fully relate. Ever want to reuse a glass jar but can’t get the label off? Here is how to remove labels from reusable glass jars to get them shiny and ready to reuse!
  1. Rinse out used glass jar
  2. Fill the jar with boiling water
  3. While the hot water is in the jar, peel off the label (some jars will peel right off!) other's may require some scrubbing
  4. For the ones that don't peel right off, use a mixture of equal parts baking soda and cooking oil (like olive oil or coconut oil) and scrub it off.
  5. Final rinse and you've got a fresh new glass jar! If you need some ideas of how to repurpose these, check out this blog about upcycling glass jars.

Check out this how-to reel to watch how easy it really is to remove the label

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