Green Your Morning Routine

Green Your Morning Routine

What does your morning routine look like? We know some can get pretty complex, but we wanted to provide two ways you can bring some sustainable habits into this routine, whatever it looks like! We've picked simple swaps that can easily be made. 


1. A better breakfast

Change up your breakfast for the better! Incorporate fair trade, shade grown, organic coffee so that you know you are drinking coffee that was grown to regenerate the communities and ecosystems around them. Pair that cup of joe with some organic oats with a delicious Dried Fruit Compote to top it off. This breakfast will give you energy and sustain you through your day and you can rest assured that the oats and dried fruit were sourced sustainably. 


Section 2: Dental Hygiene

Another way you can make a difference when you is wake up is through your dental hygiene routine.

1. Change to a bamboo toothbrush:

This is a great eco-friendly alternative to a plastic toothbrush! While plastic stays in the landfill forever, bamboo is completely biodegradable and a rapidly renewable resource. The bristles are made from BPA free nylon which makes this toothbrush gentle on your teeth and the planet.

2. Change to biodegradable dental floss:

This floss is easy to use, plastic-free, comes in a refillable container, and is biodegradable unlike most conventional flosses. Made from corn starch, this floss is perfect for a healthy dental routine. The best part is when you run out, you can simply buy refills without having to buy a whole new container! 

3. Make your own toothpaste

Cutback on your household plastic use (and save a couple dollars) by making your own toothpaste!  Made with just some simple ingredients you have around the house.


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