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Why You Should Buy Organic Spices

We think about shopping organic when we shop for fruits and vegetables, however a common category we forget to think about is spices. Making the switch to organic spices can help you avoid unwanted chemicals that can be damaging to the soil and Earth as well as our bodies when we consume the spices. 

Harmful Pesticides

In order to maximize profit, conventional growing practices use pesticides as a  chemical solution to killing any and all pests that could threaten the yield of the spices being grown. Although, it is effective in eradicating these pests (along with lots of beneficial pollinators and insects), this method leaves the spices we buy with toxic chemicals, anti-caking agents like calcium silicate, GMOs, and additives that take a toll on our health over time and can lead to chronic ailments. 

Sterilization Process

Conventional herbs and spices are also grown using two common sterilization methods: fumigation and irradiation. These methods involve adding ethylene oxide and electromagnetic radiations to the spices. This process changes the chemical composition of the spice from the exposure to ethylene oxide and can alter the rate of exposure to free-radicals we experience.  By contrast, organic spices avoid harmful pesticides and use only safe sterilization methods like steaming where nothing but plain water is used. 

Reduced Medicinal Effectiveness

Spices have so many healing and medicinal properties that have been utilized throughout human history to manage inflammation and prevent oxidative stress on the body. Though we may be paying less by buying conventional spices, we're not receiving all the amazing medicinal properties that spices have to offer us. As the chemical make-up of these spices is altered through exposure to chemical agents, the properties of these spices that make them healing are lost and their effectiveness as medicines is reduced. 

At Sun & Swell we do the investigative work for you and source our spices to be sure they are organic and of the highest quality and standard. Check out some of our spices in stock right now. Elevate the next recipe you make for friends and family by packing it full of healing spices that you can be sure are ethically sourced.

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