Kitchen- 3 Places to Eliminate Unnecessary Waste

Kitchen Audit: 3 Places to Eliminate Unnecessary Waste

If you're anything like us, your kitchen is your happy place! The place where you get creative with recipes and gather for meals with loved ones. We challenge you to make your kitchen a happy place for the Earth too, as this space in our homes can generate more waste than most realize. Run a quick audit in your fridge, pantry, and sink to see what unnecessary waste you might find. We've shared a few of our favorite solutions below - because the little swaps add up quick!


Your Fridge

  • Food waste is waste too! Keep your fruits and veggies crisp and fresh longer with this set of cotton bags from The Swag. The 3-layer bag design creates a breathable environment for your produce which allows them to thrive in that crisper drawer.

Produce Bags for your Fridge

  • Say yes to leftovers and on-the-go snacks, say no to plastic wrap and baggies! A few of our favorite swaps are Stasher’s silicone bags and Bee’s Wrap biodegradable wraps. Both products are washable, reusable, and much prettier than plastic! 

Beeswax Wrap

Your Pantry

  • Clear some space in your pantry for a designated “recycling center” to ensure you and your household are correctly sorting your recyclables. This is also a good spot to store an indoor compost system if you have one!
  • Sadly, our favorite pantry items often come in non-recyclable plastic bags and boxes. When buying in bulk from grocery stores isn't an option, stock your shelves responsibly (and plastic-free!) with foods packaged in more sustainable packaging. We may be biased, but we prefer our Sun and Swell pantry, where every product is not just organic and delicious, but also packaged in compostable bags or reusable glass containers.
Sun & Swell Pantry

 Your Sink

  • Ditch liquid soap and the plastic bottles they come in - dish soap bars are minimally packaged and just as effective at cleaning your dishes.
  • Let’s face it - sponges stink. Literally, and figuratively because most are derived from petroleum which is basically oil-based plastic. Instead of sponges, opt for brushes that are designed for a longer lifespan and made from responsibly sourced materials. This soap and brush bundle from Package Free Shop has your sink covered!

Dish Washing Bundle - Round Dish Soap

We love to see the ways you're working to make your kitchen more green so be sure to give us a tag if you post your efforts on social. No step is too small! #PantryProud

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