Homemade, Low Waste Surfboard Wax

Homemade, Low Waste Surfboard Wax

The ocean is a release for many people. A space to reset and reconnect with the natural world. Whether you’re surfing, walking on the beach, swimming in the water, or admiring from afar - we can all agree we want to keep this special place as healthy and pollution-free as possible. Surfing gives us a medium to interact intimately with the ocean. This relationship fosters a connection with the environment that creates a love for nature and encourages stewardship of these spaces. 

As the swell picks up this winter, take a go at making your own surfboard wax. If you don’t surf, this is still a fun activity and can be the perfect, low waste holiday gift for ocean-loving friends and family. You can customize the scent and shape and get creative to make your own unique wax bar. All the salty goodness of traditional surfboard wax without the plastic packaging and chemicals! 


  • 3.5 parts Beeswax
  • 1 part Coconut Oil
  • 1 part Tree Resin / Sap (for cold water wax only)
  • 15 drops of essential oil (scent of your choice)


  1. Place three and a half parts beeswax, one part coconut oil, and one part tree resin (tree resin is for cold water wax) in a large cook pot. Heat gently in a double boiler; keeping the mixture moving.
  2. Stir the mixture until all ingredients are liquefied, then pour the melted formula out into a small glass mason jar or upcycled container (cleaned-out hummus container, Tupperware, or silicon mold). 
  3. Add essential oils for scent (we add pine tree oil, but you can add any scent you want!). Make the scent unique and it will remind you that you made it yourself when you’re out there on the water. 
  4. Let the wax rest for three hours until dry. 

Try it out as the winter swells start to come in - all the goodness of surfboard wax without petrochemicals and packaging!

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