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Embracing a Greener Shave: The Switch to a Safety Razor

It’s been a while since you replaced your razor and you’re thinking it’s time to buy a new one. What do you reach for? Most everyone would say a disposable razor. In 2020, 158.10 million people used disposable razors. That’s roughly two billion plastic razors being used and thrown away in a single year. In other words, a whole lot of unnecessary plastic. Let’s talk about why they end up in the trash. 

Plastic razors provide quite the recycling challenge. Municipal recycling facilities often don’t accept razors because they are made of mixed materials that can only be recycled if separated, and the exposed blades create a safety hazard. The cost to properly recycle plastic razors is more than the end product is worth, meaning they are simply economically inefficient to recycle. Think about it, disposable razors are also wrapped in plastic or cardboard, creating even more unnecessary waste! So what can you do?

Switch to a safety razor! A safety razor has three main parts: a metal handle, a protective base plate, and a top cap. A double-edged razor blade goes between the base plate and top cap. They may look intimidating, but fear not! Safety razors are specifically designed to give you a much closer and better shave without the risk of injury. Safety razors are for everyone and everything: men and women, face and body.  

metal safety razor

In addition to being better for the environment and you, safety razors are much cheaper! The handle, base plate, and top cap may be more of an investment at first, but a pack of 3 razor blades usually costs $5 or less. Compared to spending $20 or more every time you need to buy a new set of disposable razor blades… safety razors are much more cost effective. As a bonus your blades only need to be changed every couple of weeks! You can also actually recycle your razor blades with programs such as Albatross Blade Take Back Program or the Gillette Recycling Program in association with Terracycle. When it comes to reducing plastic consumption in your life, switching to a safety razor is one of the easiest ways to do it. 

Want to make your whole shaving routine plastic-free? Consider our Shaving Bundle by Simpl Bars, a women-owned business based in Santa Barbara, CA. You can also find other inspiration on how to ditch plastic in your shower routine by checking out our blog on 3 Simple Swaps for a Plastic-Free Shower Routine!



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