Composting Tip: How to Remedy a Composting Mistake

Composting Tip: How to Remedy a Composting Mistake

As much as I wish I was a perfect composter, I've found there is always a new mistake to be made. I've also found that it's okay! Composting is a natural process and while there are things that can slow the process down, there are very few things that can truly harm the process. Here are a few steps to follow when you have a compost mishap:

  1. Identify what element of composting has been altered: For example, I accidentally left my compost in the rain so the moisture content was way too high. If your pile isn't decomposing that might mean the temperature is too low. Check out this blog to identify some more elements of composting you might need to get back on track!

  2. Think about what you need to add or subtract to get your compost back on track: In my example, I needed to add more browns (dry ingredients) to my compost to fix the moisture level. Sometimes this will mean moving your compost to a sunny place to get more heat, or taking out some larger sticks to increase the amount of smaller particles.
  3. Let nature take its course: Once you have fixed your mistake your pile will get back on track, it just might take a bit of time! 

When you make a compost mistake just remember that composting is a natural and robust process! Given a bit of time and care, your compost will get right back on track. 

Happy composting! 

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