Composting Tip: How to Keep Your Compost Stench-Free

Composting Tip: How to Keep your Compost Stench Free

This week's composting tip is taking care of one of the most dreaded parts of indoor composting: the smell. We all know it can be hard to continue composting when your indoor container makes the whole house smell like dirt, but luckily there are some easy fixes! There are a few ways to do this:

  1. Put your compost in a sealed container with a filter to block odors. We love this one that includes a carbon filter and is made from sustainable bamboo. 
  2. You can actually put your compost in the freezer! You can add your food scraps to a large, freezer safe, container and store them directly in the freezer. The cold temperature keeps the food from breaking down as it normally would and therefore creates no stench! Keep in mind that once these scraps are put outside, they will take a bit longer than usual to decompose since they have to thaw first.  

Happy composting! 

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