Composting Tip: 3 Reasons You Should Keep a Layer of Browns on Top of Compost Pile

Composting Tip: 3 Reasons You Should Keep A Layer of Browns on Top of Your Compost Pile

This week's compost tip concerns layering your browns and greens in a way that will protect your pile! If you're not familiar with what browns and greens are, check out this blog where I go into some more details about what they are and what ratio to aim for. When creating your compost pile you will want to keep a layer of browns (sticks, leaves, etc.) on the top which will help keep your compost healthy! Here are 3 reasons why this is a great strategy: 

  1. Keeps your pile from getting smelly: Keeping a layer of browns over the greens on your pile will help seal in those smells that can sometimes waft out. 
  2. Helps prevent critters getting into your pile: Critters love to dig through compost piles for snacks. Making it harder for them to smell the food scraps will help protect your pile. 
  3. Allows you to get a good ratio of browns to greens: A great ratio of browns to greens is 3:1 - which is a ton of browns! Keeping a layer of browns at the top and bottom of your pile will help you achieve this ratio. 

Happy composting! 

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