Coming Together to Stop the Fires

Coming together to stop the fires

We are incredibly saddened, once again, by the outbreak of wildfires up and down the West Coast.  No longer do we ask if the wildfires will come this year, but rather when and where will they come. 

It's easy to feel helpless as we continue to see fires take over our lives on a seemingly regular basis, but it's more vital than ever that we find the courage to fight back against these growing environmental challenges.  The rate at which we are now experiencing the physical ramifications of a changing climate is exceeding many of even the most aggressive forecasts, and there still is not nearly enough acknowledgement of the problem and action being taken by governments, businesses, and citizens to fix what we have put in motion.  We believe we have an obligation to future generations to work with one another towards a better tomorrow.  
There are many things that can be done to help curb the rate of climate change, but we need to start taking action now - there is no more time to wait.
Here's what we do as a company to limit our impact on the environment:
  • We only source organic ingredients, because organic farming helps support healthy topsoil which is more resistant to floods, droughts, and land degradation.  Organic farming also avoids synthetic fertilizers which require significant amounts of energy to manufacture.  Looking forward, we're  working hard to source more regenerative organic products which are even better on the environment, and we are currently donating a portion of our revenue to support reintegrative farming practices and research. 
  • We don't sell any animal products or animal byproducts; most conventional large scale industrial livestock farming practices require massive amounts of energy and if you choose to eat these products, we'd rather you buy them from a local farm (organic, grass-fed, and grass finished if possible) who is likely taking much better environmental care.
  • We know recycling is not the answer and we refuse to continue to pretend like it is simply because it is convenient to do so.  We are committed to compostable packaging because it is the only solution that fully closes the waste loop and allows for a proper end of life to packaging waste.  We are a pioneer in the packaged food industry when it comes to using compostable packaging, and will continue to be a leader and fight for this to become an industry norm.

Now, as a consumer what can you do?

  • Start small. Take one less bag at the grocery store or purchase a bar of soap packaged in paper instead of liquid soaps packaged in plastics.  Start using a reusable water bottle instead of a single use one or turn your lights off in rooms you're not in.  Then look for the next change you can make.  Keep improving. 
  • Vote with your dollar. Support businesses that care about making a positive impact on the environment. There are more and more out there.  If you want recommendations, we are happy to suggest some! The more you support those businesses, the more they grow, the bigger impact they have. 
Remember, it's progress not perfection and the small changes add up.
We all know that there are better ways to consume, but we need to accelerate the rate at which we are doing so and help others see that change is possible.  Let's demand better from ourselves and the businesses we support, and let's start doing more right now. 

We've heard many people start to refer to the fires as "the new normal" - as if there is nothing we can do to overcome the climate crisis and that our future has already been written.  We think nothing could be further from the truth.  There is still time to turn things around, but we have to start today.
Thanks for being with us on this journey so far.  We are just one small business, and you are just one consumer, but together, we can turn things around.
Much Love,
Kate & Bryan
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