5 Sustainable Gift Ideas

5 Sustainable Gift Ideas

Gift giving is one of our favorite holiday traditions here at Sun & Swell. That feeling of finding the perfect gift for a loved one is one unmatched! That’s why we have provided a guide for low waste gift giving. We’ve done the research for you and now you can take these ideas and run! 

1. Donate in their name or pay for their membership to a nonprofit organization

This one is great and it can be extra special if you pick something that means a lot to your loved one. One example is getting someone a membership to a nonprofit organization. It gives them access to a new community and information to volunteer. Also, a way to volunteer together!

2. Gift card to a sustainable store

A great resource here is the B Corporation Directory which has all the B Corporations listed so you can search for companies to see if they prioritize environmental and social issues. 

3. Plastic-Free Starter Packs

We love this gift because it can introduce a friend or family member to the world of low waste. You can pick the Gift Bundle depending on the recipient and what they like!

  • Plastic-Free Pantry Starter Pack
  • Plastic-Free Cookie Bite Bundle 

4. At-home compost!

This one can be a really practical gift that will change that person's entire waste stream and give them a cool at-home project! You can find some great options on Amazon, or better yet, see if your local gardening store or hardware had one.

5. Gift an online subscription

What a great way to spark learning or good habits in a loved one. 

    1. Audible - audio books
    2. Headspace - meditation app
    3. Master Class - online classes (with offerings from cooking classes to storytelling classes, there is something for everyone). 

Ultimately, you know the person you're giving a gift to best and that means it may take some hard thinking to make sure the gift is personalized and special, but we hope these ideas can be a launching pad for you all to give the best gifts. Happy Holidays!

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