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5 Uplifting Food-Conscious Films To Watch During the Holidays

As the holiday season unfolds, what better way to nourish your soul and body than through the lens of uplifting film? Beyond being a cozy way to spend your evening, films can offer a unique blend of education, inspiration, and emotion. These particular films, centered around the world of gastronomy, will leave you with a newfound appreciation for the food that’s on your plate. Here are 5 uplifting food-conscious cinematic works that will inspire and inform you over holiday break.

  1. ABUNDANCE- The Farmlink Story (Youtube)

ABUNDANCE - The Farmlink Story is centered around a group of college students in 2020 who saw a food crisis and decided to do something about it. Their idea quickly grew into a national movement to end hunger in the United States. Screened at over 50 film festivals and premiered in front of Congress, this short documentary will tug at all your heart strings. 

  1. Live to 100: Secrets of The Blue Zones (Netflix)

This series will redefine the way you look at healthy food. Formatted as a travel series, each episode takes you to a new community where people live extraordinarily long and healthy lives. Narrator Dan Buettner investigates each of these communities' diets and lifestyles to determine the link between healthy eating and healthy living. Inspirational and exciting, you will be gunning to try out new recipes as soon as you finish 

  1. Wasted: The Story of Food Waste (Hulu) 

Produced by the late Anthony Bourdain, "Wasted!" explores the global issue of food waste and its impact on the environment. While being quite a heavy topic, this documentary offers creative solutions and highlights individuals and organizations working towards a more sustainable and efficient food system. If you want something eye-opening yet hopeful, this is an excellent choice!

  1. The Biggest Little Farm (Amazon Prime)

Everyone’s favorite farm! Follow John and Molly Chester as they navigate the challenges and rewards of creating a sustainable farm. Dreaming of living in harmony with nature, The Biggest Little Farm is an urgent reminder to pay attention to Earth’s natural design. Truly human, this film will make you feel every high and every low… and leave you inspired to do more.  

  1. Kiss The Ground (netflix)

At its core, Kiss the Ground is a story about soil. A story about soil and the role it plays in creating healthy plants, healthy humans, and a healthy world. Listen to activists, scientists, and farmers as they discuss the link between soil and climate change, and discover the possible benefits of regenerative agriculture. Honest yet inspirational, you will end this documentary feeling hopeful that there just might be a way to eat food that heals the planet.  

As you gather with your loved ones this holiday season, consider adding these documentaries to your watchlist. Whether you only watch one, or watch all five, try to deeply consider what each film is trying to tell you. So cozy up, grab some popcorn, and let yourself become inspired. 

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