Last Minute Wellness-Inspired Gift Ideas

5 Last Minute Wellness Inspired Gift Ideas

Author: Kate Flynn, Co-Founder & CEO of Sun & Swell Foods

If you're anything like me, it's not unusual to wait until super last minute to do your holiday shopping!  I pulled together a few of my favorite wellness products - that are also some of my favorite items to gift.  

All of these products are either digital gifts (so you can order then minutes before you have to gift them!) or available on Amazon Prime with 2-day shipping.  

Happy holidays!

1) Headspace:  - $12.99 for 1 month / $69.99 for 1 year

I personally love Headspace - it's what finally got me into meditation after years of saying I wanted to start.  And like everyone else says, I've found that regularly meditating has really had a positive impact on your life.  My other favorite thing about Headspace are 'Sleepcasts'- which help you fall asleep at night.  They're 20+ minute stories that are interesting enough to keep your thoughts away from other things, but boring enough to put you to sleep.  They work 100% of the time for me! Headspace is super approachable and I think can really benefit anyone on your shopping list!  

2) Silk + Sonder Monthly Planner - $54 for 3 monthly journals 

Just like Headspace got me into meditation, Silk + Sonder got me into journaling.  They send you a new monthly journal / planner every month.  First of all, who doesn't love a little gift in their mailbox once a month?  But more importantly, these journals are great to plan in and also give you space to record goals, meal plans, etc.  Plus, as a customer, you get access to their amazing facebook community. 

3) Gabby Bernstein 'Super Attractor' Book - $15.59 hardcopy / $20.97 Audible

5 Last Minute Wellness Inspired Gift Ideas

This is a great book to remind us all of the power of positivity and trusting that the universe is guiding us where we need to go.  Not only did this book help me shift my attitude on a lot of things in life, but it also gave me some tips that I've incorporated into my daily morning routine (like repeating daily affirmations when you wake up).

While you're add it, add on Gabby Bernstein's Super Attractor Affirmation Deck for a daily dose of positivity!  

4) Barre3 Online Subscription - Starting at $29.99 for 1 month 

5 Last Minute Wellness Inspired Gift Ideas

I have never found a fitness routine I love as much as Barre3.  Barre3 is a low impact workout that leaves you feeling strong, empowered, and balanced.  Fun fact:  I was a Barre3 instructor the first 2 years of launching Sun & Swell!  I don't teach anymore, but I am still a client my local Santa Barbara studio, and squeeze in online workouts when I don't have time to make it to a physical class.

Bonus: if you know any expecting or new mamas, they have a special collection of workouts for prenatal and postnatal!

5) Sun & Swell Snack Bites - $19.99 

5 Last Minute Wellness Inspired Gift Ideas

My personal go-to-gift (any guesses why??) for anyone who is looking for a healthy, delicious treat.  Our grab-and-go snack bites are made with super simple, real food ingredients, and perfect for anyone who is looking to eat healthy while living a busy lifestyle.  Kids love them too, so they're great for parents! Order on Amazon for free 2-day prime shipping to get it in time for the holidays. 

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