4 Women-Owned Companies

4 Women-Owned Companies to Make Your Employees Healthy & Happy

With a rising focus on employee well-being and work-place satisfaction levels, many businesses are exploring ways to better serve their staff.  We’ve pulled together a few of our favorite women-owned companies that are making quality goods that will help keep your employees happy. After all, a happy team is a productive team!


Aunt Flow

What it is:Toilet paper is offered free in bathrooms, so why aren't tampons? Aunt Flow works directly with businesses to ensure that their office/workspace bathrooms are equipped with tampons and menstrual products.  

Why your employees will love it:  These high-quality, organic products are free for employees/customers, ensuring that women have reliable access to them when their period hits unexpectedly. Beyond showing a commitment to women in the workplace, providing menstrual product reduces lost work hours and improves ratings on best places to work for females. Not to mention, with an annual cost of $5-$7 female employee, it is actually cheaper to offer free tampons then to service coin operated machines! Bonus: For every 10 tampons and pads sold, Aunt Flow donates 1 to a menstruator in need. Aunt Flow has donated over 350,000 menstrual products .


Copper Cow

What it is: Copper Cow makes high-end Vietnamese pour over coffee. Their office subscription option is designed to simply and elevate your workplace’s coffee operation. 

Why your employees will love it: No more hours-old burnt coffee or messy grinds to clean up. The Copper Cow Brew Station comes ready-to-use in a gorgeous display that allows each employee to treat themselves to made-to-order coffee every morning! With high caffeine levels, deep flavor tones, and the option to add sweetened condensed milk, Copper Cow Coffee delivers the cafe experience to your employees.


Silk + Sonder

What it is: Silk + Sonder is a hand-crafted monthly planning experience that is designed to increase productivity, develop mindfulness and learn a little about yourself along the way! 

Why your employees will love it: Each monthly journal is personalized to the recipient and created to provide a recurring pocket of inspiration. A Silk + Sonder subscription is an ideal opt-in wellness benefit option - your employees will appreciate the calendar spreads, habit trackers and the opportunity to regularly reflect on both personal and professional goals.


Sun & Swell Foods (surprise, it's us!)

What it is: Tasty snacks made with real whole food ingredients that accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions (vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free) With a subscription option, we makes it simple to provide quality snacks for your employees.

Why your employees will love it: Keep everyone (even the vegans!) fueled with nutrient-dense snacks that still taste delicious! Perfect size to stash in a desk drawer or enjoy with coffee, these snacks will keep mid-day stomach rumbles at bay. Employees will appreciate the flavor varieties and the sustained energy that comes along with clean, quality ingredients. 


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