Safe & Eco-Friendly Sunscreen Brands

4 Safe and Eco-Friendly Sunscreen Brands

Beach days are here! We're big fans of spending time in the sun, but bigger fans of protecting our skin with sunscreen that is made with clean and reef-safe ingredients. We're rounded up four of our favorite eco-friendly sunscreen brands that don't scare us with the ingredient lists.

1. All Good - a fellow 1% For the Planet company dedicated to organic, cruelty-free and non-toxic skin care products.

All Good Sunscreen: Clean Ingredients and Reef-safe

2. Raw Elements - another fellow 1% For the Planet company, on a mission to create the safest, most effective sunscreen on the planet!

Raw Elements Sunscreen

3. Badger Balm - a fellow B Corp that is committed to excellent sun protection without the use of any questionable chemicals.


Badger Balm Sunscreen


4. Living Libations - a woman-owned business that creates hand-crafted products formulated with botanicals and zinc oxide.

Living Libations Sunscreen

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