3 Ways to Buy Organic on a Budget

3 Ways to Buy Organic on a Budget

We know it can be hard to prioritize organic when there is a price premium. However, it's important to remember, we pay for these externalized costs in other ways like when it impacts human and environmental health. We also know accessibility to organic foods is not equal. There are very real barriers to having access to organic foods. We've put together 3 simple tips that can make buying organic more cost effective. Additionally, these tips can help save you time and benefit the environment as added bonuses!

1. Buy in bulk 

Buying in bulk can save you time and money. This works great with:

2. Buy organic beans and legumes dried instead of canned 

Not only can dried beans and legumes have 5x the amount per cost when compared to canned, dried beans and legumes also have less added preservatives and better taste and texture. Try making hummus out of dried garbanzo beans instead of canned and your mind will be blown at the creaminess! Here is a recipe to try. 

3. Buy your organic fruits and veggies frozen

Organic frozen fruits and veggies are a great option because they are so much cheaper than fresh fruits and veggies and they last longer. Also they are just as nutritious because the nutrients are preserved when frozen. Buying frozen can help with preventing food waste as you can store in your freezer until you're ready to use them.

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