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3 Fun (And Sustainable) New Years Resolutions

New Years is rolling around and you want to do your part for the planet. You’ve tried all kinds of sustainable resolutions, however, things just don’t seem to stick and you’re tired of hearing the same advice over and over. Why not take a different approach to sustainability… fun! Here are three new year's resolutions that are just as fun as they are sustainable.

1. Get crafty!
Deep down, everyone loves crafts. There is something so gratifying about creating your own little piece of art. This year, try to tap into your creative side. Start thinking outside the box and use materials you would normally toss out. Consider using paper scraps or cardboard packaging to make miniature figurines, cut up old magazines to make collages, turn old jars into candles or painted flower vases… the opportunities are endless. The great thing about crafting is that there is something for every person and every skill level. So get crafty, get inspired, and have fun!
2. Be A More Creative Chef
Experimenting in the kitchen can be super exciting! There are all kinds of ways to make cooking more entertaining, but one of them is to use ingredients you would normally throw away. Look up some interesting low-waste cooking recipes and test them out. Does watermelon skin really make good vegan bacon? Can you really make whipped cream with chickpea water (aquafaba)? Try them out, and have fun experimenting with what you can do. 
3. Go thrifting!
Thrifting is such a great activity to do with friends. It is also super sustainable! Next time you’re thinking about buying a new shirt or pair of sunglasses, grab a friend and go thrift shopping. You will have loads of fun perusing the thrift stores for the perfect find. From wonderfully wacky to perfectly fashionable, you are guaranteed to find something to take home along the way. Give new life to something that would have otherwise been thrown away while adding something new to your closet or home. 

As we transition into the new year it’s vital to acknowledge the importance of taking care of our planet. We want to build a brighter future for the Earth, for ourselves, and for our children. However, we also need to make sure we do sustainability right. If we make changes that are not only healthier, but more enjoyable, we will have a much easier time committing to a greener future. Sustainable should be fun, and fun should be sustainable. Cheers to both! 

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