Watch our bags turn into soil!

Watch our bags turn into Soil in 5 hours

100% of the bags on the Sun & Swell website are compostable. However, we know it can get confusing knowing what to do with them after you finish the foods inside. We love that our bags can turn into soil when composted, but we also understand that not everyone has access to an industrial composter or can have a backyard compost. That's why we created the Sun & Swell Send-Back Program; so you could send us back your used bags and we will compost them for you - with our amazing composting partners.

Compost You Bags in the Kitchen (in 5 hours!)

In this blog, we are so excited to bring to you another solution for the end of life of our bags - the Lomi Countertop Composter. Our Founders just got theirs and tested our bags in them and we are excited to say that our bags turned into soil in 5 hours. 

For some background, the Lomi Kitchen Composter was created by the brand Pela (they make those beautiful compostable phone cases). The composter itself was created to make composting easier and more accessible since it can be placed on countertops in your kitchen, giving you an easy solution to turn your organic waste into soil. 

How it Works

The steps in using the Lomi are extremely easy to follow and the product itself is a great investment to those tired of leaky composting bins. You simply fill the Lomi with all of your yard scraps, extra food, or fully compostable bioplastics like the Sun & Swell bags or Pela cases, push one little button and wait. After a few hours, depending on how much food was placed in the compost, you will have soil you can use in your garden or even donate to local greenhouses! The Lomi uses three key factors in the process: heat, abrasion, and oxygen. This kind of technology is truly amazing and it's this innovation that drives our team to continue to make advancements in our own products as well!

Now, watch Kate, one of our founders, turn a Sun & Swell bag into soil in less than 5 hours with this video

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