Unique Snack Subscriptions for Small Office

Unique Snack Subscriptions for Small Office

Running an office is hard work. Little things like re-ordering snacks for your employees can easily fall through the cracks. We know that!

We’ve compiled a list of healthy, unique snacks that will fuel your employees and help them live a more balanced and productive life.

Peckish: Protein-packed and individually wrapped, Peckish pairs organic hard-boiled eggs with crispy, crunchy dips. With fun flavors like “Rancheros” and “Fried Rice”, Peckish is sure to spice up your office snack line-up! They offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly subscription options. 


Mush: Using 7 or fewer real ingredients, MUSH Overnight Oats are cold-soaked in dairy-free milk and have a delicious pudding-like flavor. Signing up for Mush’s subscription service gets you 10% off every 12-pack order!


Wild FriendsA fellow Certified B Corporation, Wild Friends’ nut butter are free of palm oil free and artificial anything! All perfect for pairing with fresh fruit or pretzels, their offering ranges from Classic Creamy Peanut Butter to Chocolate Hazelnut Spread. Signing up for Wild Friend’s subscription service gets you 10% off every order of single-serving 10-packs!


Sun & Swell Foods (hey, that’s us!): On a mission to simplify clean eating, Sun & Swell Foods makes 100% organic, whole food snacks that also happen to taste great. Their line-up includes both sweet and savory options that are perfect to stash in a desk drawer. Save almost 40% off retail pricing when you sign up for a bulk subscription!


Epic Bar: Made from non-GMO ingredients, each Epic Bar contain 13g of meat protein and is sourced from animals raised on open pastures. Signing up for Epic Bar’s subscription service gets you 10% off every order of 12-bar cases!

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