Supplier Feature: FitchKraft

Supplier Feature: FitchKraft

Aidan making a bag clip

We are so excited to offer an eco-friendly way to reseal your bags - our version of "chip clips"!

We are putting the spotlight on Aidan Fitch, a 16 year-old Santa Barbara native who makes our awesome wooden "chip clips". Growing up watching and helping his father in the shop, Aidan began his own venture: FitchKraft. Aidan can make just about anything - including his own line of custom cutting boards. 

What we love that these clips is that they are made from alder wood which is abundant, sustainable, and locally sourced. Aidan uses alder wood for these chip clips, a wood that is not endangered like many other exotic woods are. Most alder woods are harvested in the Pacific Northwest from forests that are sustainably managed. 

Our new clips from FitchKraft are the perfect way to support a young local artist and keep your food fresh!

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