Sun & Swell 2020 Impact Report

Sun & Swell 2020 Impact Report

Here at Sun & Swell, we believe that the impact our business has on the world is our responsibility and that as a company we should communicate our values so that consumers can make educated decisions. We are so grateful for the journey we are on with all of you, our Sun & Swell Community. We're excited to share our 2020 Impact Report with you all, not just so we can highlight the efforts we're making to do good, but to demonstrate that we are on a journey as well, creating a world where the foods we decide to eat can help improve human and environmental health.

Check out our progress and our goals for the future below!

2020 in Review 

This year, we took steps toward a fully circular packaged food system. Recognizing the food industry’s role in the climate crisis, we increased our sourcing from local California farmers and increased our compostable packaging options in effort to reduce our emissions and waste. As a Certified B Corp, we believe that closing the loop also means sustainably investing in our people.

Sun & Swell 2020 Impact Report

 Compostable Packaging

Our future is plastic-free! In 2019, Sun & Swell began transitioning to plastic-free packaging, and in 2020, made an even bigger impact with our Compostable Pantry Line! We also introduced a sendback program that allows customers to return their packaging to our HQ for convenient composting. In 2020, 46% of sales came from products sold in compostable packaging. We also found that 62% of customers chose Sun & Swell for its compostable, plastic-free packaging. However, moving forward we have bigger goals for compostable packaging. In 2021, we want 75% of all sales to come from our compostable pantry line, diverting even more plastic bags from the landfill and ocean.

Sun & Swell 2020 Impact Report

Local Sourcing

Sourcing ingredients locally reduces our carbon footprint, while supporting California farmers and businesses. In 2020, we increased our local sourcing within California by 12%. All of our ingredients continue to be USDA Certified Organic. Additionally in 2020: 

  • 41% of our ingredients are locally sourced from California 
  • 52% of our ingredients come from the U.S
Sun & Swell 2020 Impact Report
  • >36% of our ingredients come straight from the farm
  • 85% of our suppliers are independently owned

Our goal in 2021 is to source over 65% of our ingredients from the U.S.

Sun & Swell 2020 Impact Report

Our People & Planet 

Our B Corp certification demonstrates the holistic investment we make in our team, community and planet. In 2020, we continued to support several local and global environmental initiatives through our carbon offsetting program and 1% for the Planet commitment.

In 2020:


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