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Organic Ground Cinnamon (6 oz)

Organic Ground Cinnamon (6 oz)

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Sun & Swell Organic Ground Cinnamon is Korintje Cinnamon also know was "Indonesian Cinnamon".  Our cinnamon has a classic cinnamon flavor with sweet-spiced notes.  Add it to sweet, breakfast dishes, entrees and fruits!

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Pack Size: 6 oz bag

Comes In 100% Compostable Packaging

Country of Origin: Indonesia


100% Organic Cinnamon

Compostable Info

This product comes in 100% compostable packaging. 

It can be composted in both industrial compost facilities and at home.  Timeline for each:

- Industrial Compost: Within 90 Days (Recommended)
- Home Compost: Varies based on conditions (humidity, moisture, etc).  More information here.

Read more about our commitment to sustainable packaging here or visit our FAQ on compostable packaging here.