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All The Favorites Sampler Pack (6 or 12 Pack)

All The Favorites Sampler Pack (6 or 12 Pack)

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Get ready for lots of whole food goodness with the Sun & Swell Sampler Pack!  Enjoy a mixed-pack of our top selling products and discover your new favorite grab & go snack.

All snacks are:  100% real food, organic, gluten-free, and vegan.  No added sugars, preservatives, or flavors.  And of course, delish!  

6 Packs:  6 snack packs, 1.6 oz each:

    • 1 x CACAO Date & Cashew Bites
    • 1 x CINNAMON Date & Cashew Bites
    • 1 x LEMON COCONUT Date & Cashew Bites
    • 1 x OATMEAL CACAO CHIP Cookie Bites
    • 1 x DOUBLE CACAO Cookie Bites
    • 1 x ROASTED & SALTED Nuts & Seeds

12 Packs:  12 snack packs, 1.6 oz each:

    • 2 x CACAO Date & Cashew Bites
    • 2 x CINNAMON Date & Cashew Bites
    • 2 x LEMON COCONUT Date & Cashew Bites
    • 2 x OATMEAL CACAO CHIP Cookie Bites
    • 2 x DOUBLE CACAO Cookie Bites
    • 2 x ROASTED & SALTED Nuts & Seeds


* indicates ingredient is Organic (all products certified USDA Organic)

  • Cacao Snack Bites:  Cashews*, Dates*, Raisins*, Cacao*, Cinnamon*
  • Cinnamon Snack Bites: Cashes*, Dates*, Cinnamon*
  • Lemon Coconut: Cashews*, Dates*, Coconut*, Lemon Peel*
  • Oatmeal Cacao Chip Cookie Bites:  Dates*, Cashews*, Oats*, Cacao*, Cinnamon*
  • Double Cacao Clean Cookie Bites:  Dates*, Cashews*, Oats*, Cacao*
  • Roasted & Salted Nuts & Seeds:  Pumpkin Seeds*, Pistachios*, Cashews*, Sea Salt


"These organic snacks are gluten, soy, and dairy-free with no added sugar or preservatives meaning you can indulge without the guilt." - Town & Country Magazine

"...the taste of some classic dessert flavors (cacao, lemon coconut, oatmeal cacao chip), but contain no preservatives, refined sugars, or syrups." - Sunset Magazine

"...their snacks are not only good for the body, they are good for the soul... In addition to being vegan—and doing some good in the world—their snacks are made with 100% real food, organic ingredients and free of added sugars and preservatives."  - The Beet