We are on a mission to help the world snack responsibly. To us, snacking responsibly means considering the impact our snacks have, not just on our health, but on the health of the environment around us.


a guide to our packaging

Pantry Staples

All of the bags our Pantry Staples collection are 100% compostable.  

Composting Timelines:

- Industrial Compost: Within 90 Days (Recommended).  To find an industrial compost facility, go to  Make sure to call the composting facility in advance to see if they accept packaging like ours, as some compost facilities only accept food scraps / select other materials.  
- Home Compost: This packaging will decompose in a home composting pile, however, we cannot guarantee a timeline as everyone’s home compost has varying degrees of humidity, heat, and presence of bacteria/microorganisms.


Recyclable #2:  

We are transitioning all snack packs to Recyclable #2 packaging.  

If you have a Recyclable #2 bag, it will have an Earth icon on the back (see below). Recyclable #2 is one of the most widely accepted plastics for recycling, however, #2 plastic bags and film packaging (such as our snack packaging!) are currently not curbside recyclable. Luckily, many retail stores, municipal recycling centers and private recyclers in the United States DO accept plastic bags and film packaging. Find your nearest drop off location here.