doing good

Our goal at Sun & Swell Foods is not only to make nutritious snacking effortless, but to make responsible snacking just as effortless. We put as much focus into establishing mindful business practices as we do in sourcing organic ingredients.
Our mission to snack responsibly now officially extends outside the contents of our packages and onto the package itself. In partnership with Tipa-Corp, we are thrilled to launch compostable packaging for our snacks! We will be unrolling the new compostable packaging throughout our product line over the next eight months (the new packaging will be marked clearly with a compostable logo, see below).
Have no fear, the packaging (and the food inside!) is still stable with a shelf-life of six months. Note, the packaging is guaranteed to decompose in under 180 days in an industrial compost facility, with an undetermined break-down time in a home compost (due to variances in heat, humidity and the presence of necessary bacteria/microorganisms).
We do ask that you dispose of the packaging consciously, it is NOT recyclable. Feel free to contact the Sun & Swell Team who will happily help you locate your nearest compost collection location (pro tip: all Whole Foods have drop-offs!)  This has been a huge passion project for all of us, so we are eager to see the venture succeed and develop alongside our brand.  Let us know if you have questions, comments or ideas to help us continue to minimize our impact!
Read on to learn more about Sun & Swell's commitment to Doing Good...

Sun & Swell Foods was founded in Santa Barbara, California and the brand has "grown up" oceanside.

Our team of surfers, runners and swimmers see our ocean and beaches as an everyday playground that serves as a welcome release from the stress of an always-connected-world.


   Our physical & mental reliance on the natural world translates over to our dedication to fueling our bodies with real and whole foods. We source from small suppliers and see the value in working solely with vendors who farm organically & sustainably.  

We joined 1% for the Planet as a way to formalize our commitment to giving back to the natural playground that we so love. The foundation of the 1% for the Planet network is the member-nonprofit partnership. Businesses engage directly with approved nonprofit partners, providing financial donations, volunteer time, in-kind donations, and other shared-value collaborations.

For our growing business, 1% of our revenue is a significant commitment, but we believe that it is an essential component of doing business the right way. It allows us to communicate our commitment clearly to customers and also to formalize our internal pledge that Sun & Swell Foods will do its part to protect our environment.

As a coastal company, we recognize our responsibility to steward our beautiful eco-systems and have chosen to support nonprofits that focus on ocean preservation. One partnership that is near and dear to our hearts is the Surfrider Foundation. Using a powerful activist network, this environmental non-profit works to actively protect the ocean through advocacy, research and conservation.

We are proud to support the efforts of our local Surfrider Chapters through financial contributions, as well as marketing and event support. Learn more about Surfrider here!

We look forward to continuing to chase the highest level of physical wellness while simultaneously helping to protect the health of our oceans and beaches.

Sun & Swell Foods is proud to be a Certified B Corporation® & a part of the global movement of people using business as a force for good.TM 
We founded our company with the prioritized goal of making healthy snacking more accessible. As we grew, however, we quickly realized that our responsibility extends beyond offering the highest quality natural products to our consumers. We are also responsible for the impact our business has on the well-being of our employees, the farms from which we source our ingredients & on our world as a whole.
As we began committing to mindful & scalable business practices, we realized that our priorities and values naturally aligned with the B Corps’ mission. In order to claim B CorpTM status, a business must meet higher standards of social & environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. 
Unlike traditional corporations, Certified B Corporations are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions not only on their shareholders, but also on their stakeholders (e.g., their employees & suppliers, the surrounding community, their consumers, & the environment). 
It’s like Fair Trade certification but for the whole business, not just a bag of coffee (or USDA Organic certification, but not just for a carton of milk; or LEED certification, but not just for a building).
B Corps are important because they inspire all businesses to compete not only to be the best in the world, but to be the best for the world. Sun & Swell Foods is honored to be a part of this progressive mind-set shift -- we are eager to do our part in harnessing the power of business to help solve social & environmental problems!