Organic Dried Apricots In Compostable Snack Packs (1 oz)

Organic Dried Apricots In Compostable Snack Packs (1 oz)

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Sun & Swell's Organic Dried Apricots in a 1 oz compostable snack pack! These are perfect for an on-the-go sweet treat. Great to pack in lunches, bring on car-rides, offer at events, and more.

These Organic Dried Blenheim Apricots are grown on a family farm in Santa Clara County, California.  While most Apricots (and especially the Blenheim variety) are grown using pesticides and substances such as Sulphur Dioxide, ours are free from such chemicals. 

These apricots are a serious treat for any dried fruit lover. They are moist and chewy with a unique flavor that is the perfect balance between tangy and sweet. 

Pack Size: 10 x 1 oz bags, or 50 x 1 oz bags

Comes in 100% Compostable Packaging


100% Organic Apricots

Country of Origin: USA (California)

Compostable Info

This product comes in 100% compostable packaging. 

This bag will decompose in an Industrial Compost facility with 90 days. It is also approved for home composting by our supplier, but timeline varies greatly based on conditions (humidity, moisture, etc).  More information here. 

Sun & Swell Send-Back Program: If you don't have access to composting, we can compost for you. Learn more here.

Read more about our commitment to sustainable packaging here or visit our FAQ on compostable packaging here. ​