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Organic Coconut Oil (14 oz)

Organic Coconut Oil (14 oz)

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Sun & Swell's Organic Coconut Oil is a kitchen essential for any whole food cook.  Use it in place of vegetable, corn, and olive oil when sautéing, frying, or baking.  It's the perfect way to add a fun nutty taste to any dish and can even be used as a self care product on the skin, hair, and more!

This Organic Coconut Oil is sourced ethically from The Philippines through our local import partners who only select farms that uphold extremely high levels of quality, sustainability, and fair employment practices. Learn more about our ingredient sourcing here.

Bottle Size: 14oz

Comes in reusable mason jar

Country of Origin: Philippines


100% Coconut Oil

Packaging Info

This product comes in a reusable glass mason jar.

Read more about our commitment to sustainable packaging here.


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