Apricot Lane's Avocado Oil - Organic & Biodynamic

Apricot Lane's Avocado Oil - Organic & Biodynamic

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Our avocado oil is sourced from Apricot Lane Farms (featured in the documentary The Biggest Little Farm). Apricot Lane Farms' Biodynamic Hass Avocados are harvested at peak season and ripened to perfection before using a state-of-the-art centrifuge to capture their rich flavor and nutrient-dense, first cold pressed oil.

This Avocado oil is a cooking essential for anyone looking to add some more healthy fats into their diet. With a smoke point of 520 degrees, avocado oil is great for high heat cooking in recipes like stir fries. It is also an awesome addition to any salad dressing!

Bottle Size: 12.6oz

Country of Origin: US (California)


100% Avocado Oil

Packaging Info

This product comes in a glass bottle

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