Healthy whole food grab & go snacks
Healthy whole food grab & go snacks
Simple Snack Bites Nutrition Information

Simple Snack Bites

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Made from only whole food ingredients, our Simple Snack Bites are perfect for any snacking occasion. Equally effective as pre-workout fuel as they are as breakfast in a pinch, these date & cashew bites will save you when hunger strikes unexpectedly.  

Pack Size:  case of 6 snack packs  (45g each)

Flavors and Ingredients:

Cinnamon: The original bite that put Sun & Swell on the map. This simple snack made with only 3 ingredients should have a reserved spot in your snack drawer.

ingredients: cashews*, dates*, cinnamon*

Cacao: Chocolate lovers - this ones for you!  The perfect blend of dates, cacao and cinnamon makes each bite satisfying, yet not overwhelming in flavor.

ingredients: cashews*, dates*, raisins*, cacao*, cinnamon*

Lemon Coconut: Did somebody say beach vacation? This refreshing infusion of coconut and lemon peel will transport you somewhere tropical.

ingredients: cashews*, dates*, coconut*, lemon peel*