Persimmon Vinegar Facial Toner

We love knowing what products we are putting on our skin. Too often, facial products are full of questionable ingredients, so, as we try to make our own as often as we can! This home-made facial toner has just three ingredients, and is made with Persimmon Vinegar which is mega-high in antioxidants! Extra perk: purchases of Persimmon Vinegar go to supporting the White Buffalo Land Trust - a local non-profit focused on regenerative farming practices!
Much thanks to Carol at Green Bamboo Skincare for this recipe.

*Could be substituted for rose water


  1. Mix ingredients in any container or spray bottle. 

  2. After washing your face, spray or dab onto your face with a wet washcloth. 

  3. Optional: add a few drops of your favorite essential oil!