Introducing: Our Compostable Bag Send-Back Program

We are thrilled to announce our newest way to help you ensure your Sun & Swell compostable bags are properly composted.  We're piloting a compostable bag 'send-back' program, which allows you to send back your Sun & Swell compostable bags to us so that we can properly compost them for you if you can't compost them yourself. 

This is a pilot program, so we are still learning about what works / doesn't work. We welcome all feedback and ideas so we can continue to improve this program for the future! Please don't hesitate to reach out at

How Does it Work? 

When you are shopping our site, there is now a product option called Compostable Bag Return Mailer.  When you add this option to your cart, we will send you a prepaid return envelope in your order which holds up to ~40 used Sun & Swell bags.  Once you've filled your envelope with bags, simply stick it in the mail (USPS).  Once we get it back, we will properly compost the bags you sent back!


1. Is there a cost associated with S&S Send Back?  Yes, each prepaid return envelope costs $10 which covers the cost of the envelope, shipping costs to send the envelop back, and Sun & Swell's employee time. We priced this so we can break-even on this program.

2. Why isn't the send back program free?  The send back program is currently in its pilot testing phase and the first of its kind when it comes to compostable food packaging. Part of what we are trying to understand is how many customers want and use this option. If the Sun & Swell community shows a large support for the send-back program, we can consider building it into the price of the products in the future, but for now it would be an unnecessary added costs if a large number of customers don't use the service because they have other options. 

3. How does Sun & Swell compost the bags? We've identified several composting partners that we are working with to test this pilot program.  

4. Which Sun & Swell Bags can be sent back? Any of our Clear or Kraft bags that say "this bags is compostable" can be sent back for composting. You can review our packaging guide here. If you aren't sure, reach out to us at

5. Will you offer larger sized bags? If the Send Back Program is popular enough, we will certainly add more sizes.  For now, if you need to send back more than 40 bags at a time, just select 2 or more 40 bag envelopes, or reach out to us at and we can try to work out a custom solution.  

6. What if I lose my send back envelope? We can help. Email us at and we can send you instructions on how to reprint your shipping label and return your bags.

7. Is the envelope the bags go in compostable?  Yes, and recyclable. 

8. Where are the mailers getting returned to, and have you considered the impact of additional shipping on the environment?  The bags will get returned to our warehouse in Southern California. We know this isn't the perfect option for everyone - especially if you aren't based on the West Coast. This is a pilot program so we can learn before we roll it out on a larger scale. Our ultimate vision for this is to partner with compost facilities in every region, so your bags can be returned directly to the nearest facility and we can minimize how far the return mailer has to travel. 

Other questions?  Email