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5 Ways to Incorporate Coconut Oil into your Natural Beauty Routine

Sun & Swell Foods - How to Incorporate Coconut Oil into Natural Beauty Routine
Coconut oil, what can't it do! This natural beauty cure-all has a long shelf life making it perfect to buy in bulk and use for everything. We're not kidding, when we say "everything" - check out five of the many ways we use coconut oil in our beauty routine.
    1. Make-up remover: apply coconut oil directly to your face, and remove with a cotton pad. It'll take your make-up off with it (even waterproof mascara!)
    2. Face or Body Moisturizer: Sweet-smelling and rich in fatty acids, coconut oil is an ideal body and face moisturizer. Use it anywhere on your body (including your face) for a natural alternative to store-bought lotions.  And if you have a dog, be prepared for some extra doggie kisses when you have coconut oil on you! 
    3. Conditioner: Treat your hair to a deep condition with hot coconut oil! Apply to dry hair, let it sit for ~an hour, then shampoo and condition as normal. Get ready for a healthy sheen!
    4. Lip Balm:Coconut oil stays solid at room temp, so pack some in mini jar and keep it in your purse for a natural lip balm. Take that chapped lips! 
    5. Breath Freshener: Given coconut oil's anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, this is great one to add to your morning routine! Melt a spoonful of coconut oil and gargle it for 20 minutes. You might have to work-up to this amount of time, but you'll be rewarded with fresher breath, healthier gums, and whiter teeth.
Just a reminder: always opt for organic coconut oil, especially if you're implementing it into your beauty routine!