Why Everyone Is Obsessed With Turmeric Right Now

You’ve probably got a friend by now who can’t stop raving about how much they LOVE turmeric.  At Swell Foods, we’ve got our own little obsession with the yellow root.  At home, we regularly add it into meal recipes whenever we can.  Heck, we even decided to make it a key ingredient of one of our newest Bite flavors.

So is all the recent attention warranted or is Turmeric just the latest flavor of the month?

The short answer: There are many high quality studies that show that Turmeric has incredible benefits for your health and body, but to experience the full benefits, most studies recommend supplementing with a Turmeric extract of 1 gram per day or more.

Why is Turmeric so powerful? Turmeric contains Curcumin, which many studies have shown to have powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Curcumin blocks molecules that cause inflammation and it stimulates antioxidant enzymes in the body.

Benefits, please?

OK, so let’s get down to business.  What’s in it for you? In addition to helping your body fight inflammation and rid itself of toxic molecules, Curcumin provides a number of other specific benefits.  Curcumin has been shown to boost Brain Hormone BDNF which can lower risk of brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and possibly even help improve memory.  Curcumin, has also been shown to improve the lining of blood vessels (the endothelium) which can help prevent high blood pressure, blood clotting, and several other factors that contribute to heart disease.  Further, Curcumin’s anti-inflammation properties help aid in the fight against arthritis, depression, aging, and possibly even cancer.

Undoubtedly, there is a large and growing list of benefits from Turmeric and its active ingredient, Curcumin.  However, while it is great to add the spice into meals throughout the day, most studies point out that it’s best to also supplement with a Turmeric extract.  Additionally, since large amounts of Curcumin can be hard for the body to absorb, they also recommend making sure your extract includes bioperin to aid with absorption.  Pepper can also help with Curcumin absorption.

So the next time you get a chance, don’t be afraid to give Turmeric a try.  The taste can be somewhat polarizing, but the benefits seem to be undeniable!