Homemade Swell Cashew Milk Is So Good!

We love homemade nut milk here at Swell Foods (who doesn't?!)...and we really can't get enough of this recipe for Sweet Cinnamon Cashew Milk, made of the only three ingredients we use in our Original Bites (Dates, Cashews, Cinnamon) + water + himalayan sea salt.  

This recipe is a must try - we promise you'll think it is soooo good.  Or should we say...sooooo swell :)

Let us know what you think - or if you have other nut milk recipes that are your favorite!

1 Cup Raw Cashews
3 Cups Filtered Watered
3 Dates
1 tsp Ground Cinnamon
Pinch of Salt 

How to make:

If you have a high-speed blender like a Vitamix or Blendtec (we highly recommend getting one if you don’t!), just toss all the ingredients in, blast on high for 30 seconds to 1 minute, and it’s ready to drink!

If you don’t have  a high-speed blender, just a few extra steps:
Soak cashews for ~2 hours in cold water (covered)
Remove soaking liquid and blend together soaked cashews + filtered water
Strain through a nut bag to remove chunks
Pour filtered milk back into blender and add dates, cinnamon, and salt