Essential Oils: A Crazy Fad or a Fabulous Craze?

Essential Oils: A Crazy Fad or a Fabulous Craze?

Essential Oils seem to be the latest fad, the little bottles are popping up on shelves in almost every kind of store. Book stores, drug stores, grocery stores, discount stores... And, with good reason! Real, pure & unadulterated essential oils are powerful tools for our health and for so much more.

Why should we use essential oils?

Essential oils have been well researched; there are thousands of studies, and more emerging, that reveal the potential oils have for our health. In fact, most of our modern medications are based on plant chemistry, so using essential oils is like getting back to the source. Oils offer a simple and easy way even for the novice to harness the healing nature has to offer. They are foundational tools that are useful for many different applications from healthcare to cooking to cleaning. Just opening a bottle is releasing its beneficial properties into the air and making the environment better--so do not hide them away! An unopened bottle is a missed-opportunity; no matter what oil you use, your body will benefit from the balancing way in which they work.

Oils work to stimulate our body to function as it was designed, they do not perform functions for us. This holistic approach brings about more balance and less imbalance in our body. Additional, when using high quality essential oils properly, there are no interaction issues, addictions or negative side effects.

How do we use essential oils?

Essential oils can be used in 3 ways: aromatically, topically and internally.  Each of these options offers a different way to reap the multitude of benefits the oils have to offer. For example, peppermint aromatically is very powerful--one immediately feels the effects of opened airways and clearer breathing. Used topically, peppermint is also wonderful for headaches on the temples, or used internally for an invigorating boost or for stomach woes.   (Note:  not all oils are intended to be used all three ways, so make sure to read the instructions before using!)

Essential oils are one of the safest and simplest ways to utilize the healthful potential of plants, herbs and spices, and are often a gateway for those just starting to explore natural healthcare options. Plus, essential oils are fun to use, the whole family enjoys them! Once you begin, they become an intuitive part of a healthy lifestyle, even our kids know which oils to turn to and often use them without any assistance from an adult.

Don’t underestimate how they could serve your health needs; there is an oil for every ailment! Plus, they are fundamental ingredients in our household products, from cleaning to pet care to cooking and skincare! Let us help find a solution for you. It’s a modern day healthcare revolution, won’t you join us?

Note:: A drop is enough though, so don’t overdo it--higher doses aren’t stronger, in fact smaller doses more frequently is the best option in most cases!  Before you dive into a new oil, always make sure to read the directions to ensure you are using it properly.

Not all essential oils are created equal!

Essential oils should be 100% plant based products that are distilled from pure and healthy plant material. Be on the lookout for oils that are synthetic, diluted, or concocted unnaturally (nearly 85% of oils on the market) – these oils are not only ineffective, but could potentially be dangerous!

The brand we personally love and choose to sell is doTERRA, which is committed to providing unadulterated, ethically produced and in the simplest description, a benefit to everyone involved in its production and use; from the earth to the farmer to the company to the consumer. We work with doTERRA because they are committed to working with farmers all over the world, improving quality of life for the people and artisans who create these amazing tools--the impact we leave is for good for all involved with our company. 

Lacey Grim & her husband Drew live on a homestead in NC where they enjoy the daily pursuit of learning. They have 4 kids, homeschool and raise as much of their own food as they can. As oildorks through and through, their essential oil business, Schoolhouse Oils, is a venture of love and passion.


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