The Date Fruit

We all know by now that Coachella Valley is famous for its double weekend Spring hipst…I mean… “music” festival.  But did you know that it’s also the largest producer of the Date fruit in the United States???  Well, it is! 

Actually, believe it or not, but the Date fruit predates the music festival by several years and a few other things like, apparently…the Bible.   In fact, some research even suggests that the Garden of Eden’s Forbidden Fruit may have actually been a date, not an apple. 

Mind. Blown.

But fun facts aside, we really do feel like the Date fruit is underrated. While some people might appreciate the fruit for its sweet and delicious flavor, many people don’t realize that it is packed with essential nutrients like Potassium, Fiber, Magnesium, Manganese, Copper, and Vitamin B6.

What’s more, dates can help promote a healthy digestive track, boost heart health, reduce inflammation and blood pressure, and wake up your brain! And I bet you might not have known this: an equivalent serving of dates has twice as much Potassium as bananas do! 

So you can bet that there are a few GOOD reasons why we chose to make this magical morsel the star of the show in the first Swell Foods product that we ever created, our Swell Bite.  As always, we keep the dates in our products as close to their natural state as possible so that you can fully absorb all of the awesome nutrients AND the amazing, natural tastes that dates have to offer. 

If you can’t tell by now, we’re pretty big believers in dates and we use them all over the place.  Find out how we use dates to make sweet and chewy deserts, create healthy homemade condiments, and how Bryan ditched energy gels and gu’s for dates when he ran the Boston Marathon last Spring.